Free college tuition for Seattle public high school graduates
Jenny’s Affordable Seattle Agenda
“The whole package—experience, pragmatic solutions and decades-long civic commitment to Seattle”
Seattle Times, 7/7/17
Jenny’s Neighborhood Tours
Listening to the great people of our diverse city
Jenny receives sole endorsement from Teamsters, WA Council of County and City Employees
Endorsement Spotlight

“Two Cities”

Jenny’s plans to deliver on her top priorities, like the affordability crisis, housing, homelessness, free college, transit, and police reform as well as keeping Seattle a sanctuary city.

“Very Jenny”

Governor Jay Inslee endorses Jenny.

“Jenny Delivers”

Attorney General Bob Ferguson endorses Jenny.

”More Housing Now”

A bold, progressive agenda to provide thousands more families with access to affordable housing.

“The Seattle Promise Plan”

Jenny’s plan to provide free college for Seattle’s public high school graduates.

“Wonder Woman”

Seattleites talk about why they’re voting for Jenny.

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