Durkan Digital Ad “Two Cities” Focused on Delivering Top Promises

Durkan Digital Ad “Two Cities” Focused on Delivering Top Promises

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Seattle — Jenny for Seattle launched a new one minute digital ad, “Two Cities,” highlighting former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan’s plans to deliver on her top priorities like the affordability crisis, housing, homelessness, free college, transit, and police reform as well as keeping Seattle a sanctuary city.

Last week, Jenny for Seattle today launched its first TV ad — “Now” — to continue making Durkan’s case to voters about her plans to take immediate and urgent action on Seattle’s affordability crisis.

WATCH: “Two Cities”

This ad follows her four web ads including “Jenny Delivers,” “Very Jenny,” “More Housing Now” and “Seattle Promise.”

“Two Cities” Transcript: 

Seattle is becoming two cities. Boom times for a few but everyone else is being priced out and left behind.

I’m Jenny Durkan. No more talk. Here’s my plan of action now:

  1.  Within the first weeks of office, I’ll get rental vouchers in the hands of families in need.
  2. Opening 700 shelter beds to get people off the streets.
  3. Break ground on 1,000 micro-houses in my first year.
  4. Free community college to every graduate of Seattle Public Schools.
  5. Speed up light rail to our neighborhoods.
  6. As U.S. Attorney serving with President Obama, we made progress reforming our police department. As Mayor, I’ll finish the job of restoring trust with our city.
  7. Under my watch, Seattle will be a sanctuary city for everyone because love trumps hate.

That’s a lot of promises. But I’ve spent my life bringing people together to get things done. Exactly the kind of mayor Seattle needs.



For Immediate Release, October 23, 2017

Contact: press@jennyforseattle.com