Durkan endorsed by State’s largest labor union local, SEIU 775

Durkan endorsed by State’s largest labor union local, SEIU 775

Durkan endorsed by State’s largest labor union local, SEIU 775 150 150 Team Jenny



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Durkan, a former U.S. Attorney, continues to build powerful progressive momentum behind her campaign. SEIU 775 represents more than 45,000 home care workers across Washington State, and is known as one of our state’s most progressive and innovative unions.

Seattle (July 11) – This morning, at Seattle’s Impact Hub in Pioneer Square, SEIU Local 775 joined mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan to announce that they are the fourth labor union to endorse Durkan’s surging campaign in the last 10 days.

Durkan also relased a five-point policy plan of concrete ideas she will implement to help Seattle’s working families and seniors who are struggling with affordability issues. All five policy ideas can be implemented without raising taxes.

SEIU 775, the largest union local in the state, represents more than 45,000 home care workers across Washington, including thousands in Seattle. They are widely known as one of Seattle’s most progressive and innovative unions, and their support is a huge boost for Durkan’s campaign.

“Through following the campaigns and interviewing the candidates, it became clear that while all the candidates are progressive and pro-labor, Jenny Durkan stood out for her experience, her knowledge, and her ability to step in and be an effective mayor. Long-term care workers—and all working families—need a mayor who will continue the path towards building more affordable housing, fighting against income inequality, and providing quality services for people with disabilities, seniors, and other vulnerable residents. I have confidence that Jenny Durkan will be that mayor,” said Ed Solseng, a home care worker, member of the SEIU 775 executive board, and central Seattle resident.

The SEIU 775 endorsement follows recent endorsements from the Seattle Fire Fighters Local 27, the Heat and Frost Workers Local 7, and the Operating Engineers Local 302.

“Seattle Fire Fighters are proud to endorse Jenny Durkan for Mayor of Seattle. Jenny will prioritize basic services and public safety and make sure that fire fighters are safe and have the tools we need when you call. Jenny shares Seattle’s values and has the experience to defend them. Jenny Durkan will provide the strong leadership working families need in our diverse and growing city,” IAFF President Kenny Stewart said in a statement.

Durkan also outlined a “Families and Seniors” policy agenda of specific proposals that she will implement if elected to help younger families with children and lower-income seniors to help them with the affordability and quality of life challenges that Seattle faces. Read about Jenny’s Families and Seniors policy agenda here.