Jenny Durkan Releases New Web Ad “More Housing Now”

Jenny Durkan Releases New Web Ad “More Housing Now”

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Seattle – Jenny for Seattle today launched a new web ad, “More Housing Now” which highlights Durkan’s plan to provide thousands more families with access to affordable housing. Building on her Affordable Seattle Agenda, Durkan is proposing a rent voucher program to provide immediate support to keep families and individuals in their homes.

In May, Durkan proposed providing up to 700 additional beds in emergency shelters as well as expanding and improving interventions with families living in cars and RVs and a Seattle-King County regional consolidation of homelessness services. Her “More Housing Now” plan builds on these immediate actions and aims to create 1,000 new micro-houses in Seattle in her first year as Mayor to move people out of encampments and off our streets.

Durkan’s last web ad, “Seattle Promise” highlighted her Seattle Promise plan to provide free college to Seattle public high school graduates, which has been hailed as “bold” and “progressive.”

WATCH “More Housing Now” below.


For Immediate Release, September 25, 2017