Durkan’s Plans for Clean Energy, Environmental Justice, Cleaner Transportation, and More Resilient Infrastructure

Durkan’s Plans for Clean Energy, Environmental Justice, Cleaner Transportation, and More Resilient Infrastructure

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As Sound Transit Board Member, Durkan Would Help Accelerate Public Transit Options and Lead Sustainability Efforts


Seattle – Building on her aggressive climate action plans outlined in June, former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan further detailed her specific plans at yesterday’s KEXP forum to invest in clean energy, create cleaner transportation, fight for environmental justice, and develop more resilient infrastructure. Leveraging the nation’s cleanest electric power supply, Durkan would advance low carbon buildings and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by establishing thresholds for transportation network companies as well as car-sharing, city contractors, and city fleet vehicles. You can read more about Jenny’s plan here as well as her plan to develop an integrated transportation system that enhances our environment, provides quality and convenience for people, and serves every corner of our city with mass transit and bus services.

“Working for President Obama, I’ve been on the front lines fighting for environmental justice, ensuring clean air and water protections, and holding polluters accountable. As Mayor, I would provide experienced leadership on climate action to ensure our City meets our bold goals. Seattle has the opportunity to lead the nation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by investing in green energy buildings and encouraging the use of electric vehicles using the nation’s greenest utility,” said Jenny Durkan. “To create and support more affordable, efficient and environmentally-friendly public transit and access to low-income communities, the next mayor will play an integral role, especially as a member of the Sound Transit Board, to accelerate Sound Transit light rail expansion and reduce single occupancy vehicle trips.”

In Seattle, nearly two-thirds of all greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation, which is why Durkan would aim to increase public transportation options and connections in addition to vehicle electrification. Durkan, as a member of the Sound Transit Board, would help accelerate new light rail expansion as well as oversee the Link light rail transition to 100 percent clean energy by 2019 and make all facilities and electricity carbon-neutral by 2030.

In addition to receiving the endorsement of the Washington Conservation Voters, Durkan has the support of a number of environmental leaders.



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