Governor Jay Inslee Enthusiastically Endorses Jenny Durkan

Governor Jay Inslee Enthusiastically Endorses Jenny Durkan

Governor Jay Inslee Enthusiastically Endorses Jenny Durkan 150 150 Team Jenny

New Web Ad: “Very Jenny” Highlights Her Bold Proposals Including Seattle Promise and Micro-Housing

Seattle – Praising her progressive record and ability to get things done, Governor Jay Inslee announced his endorsement for former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan in the Seattle mayor’s race. In a new web ad, Governor Inslee highlights Durkan’s plans to build more micro-housing, create more affordable housing for thousands of families, and her Seattle Promise plan to provide free college tuition, which has been hailed as “bold” and “progressive.”

Durkan has previously launched two web ads including “More Housing Now” and “Seattle Promise.”

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Transcript of “Very Jenny”

Governor Jay Inslee: Hi — I’m Jay Inslee, and I’m announcing today that I’m enthusiastically endorsing Jenny Durkan for the mayor’s position for the great city of Seattle. It is such a bastion of progressive values, of openness, and tolerance — always forward thinking and inventing the future.

And I’ll tell you something about Jenny Durkan — she has progressive values and she’s fought for them ever since she was a baggage handler and Teamster up in Alaska.

Having those values isn’t enough. You need someone that knows how bring people together. We need a mayor who combines progressive values with second – the ability to get things done.

Her Seattle Promise plan so that every high school graduate can get community college tuition—very farsighted, very appropriate, very Jenny.

She’s advanced some great ideas — micro-housing and building more housing for folks to deal with this housing crisis.

These are achievable real term goals. You’ve got a leader in Jenny Durkan who can get these things done. Seattle is a great city. It’ll be even greater with her. We need Jenny now.




For Immediate Release, October 3, 2017