The Seattle Mayoral Election — Urgent Action versus More Talk

Comparing the candidates, Seattle voters will see that Jenny Durkan is the only truly experienced progressive leader on the ballot. With her Affordable Seattle Agenda, Jenny offers bold, achievable and concrete solutions for the challenges our city faces on affordability, homelessness, transportation and more.

Jenny has worked her entire life fighting on behalf of victims and to protect civil rights, and as a U.S. Attorney, appointed by President Obama, she led the effort to reform Seattle’s Police Department. Only Jenny Durkan has the experience, expertise and the specific plans to turn her progressive values into actions that make a real difference in people’s lives — like her highly praised housing agenda and her Seattle Promise of two years of free college.

By contrast, while Jenny’s opponent may have good intentions, she has nowhere near the leadership experience needed to run a city the size of Seattle. Furthermore, the naive ideas Jenny’s opponent has put forward would steer Seattle in the wrong direction. For example, Jenny’s opponent would throw out the current agreement that requires developers pay for and build 20,000 units of affordable housing units, while Jenny will make sure developers keep their commitment to helping solve Seattle’s affordable housing crisis. Jenny’s opponent supports legislation allowing RV and car camping across the city, while Jenny has real plans to move people experiencing homelessness into more stable housing.

Jenny Durkan’s bold and achievable solutions for Seattle