Taking on Trump

I understand how to take on Trump and win. In fact, I already have.

President Trump and his Administration pose very real threats to our values.

I’m ready and able to take on Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration at every legal turn if they are hurting our city. I have decades of experience holding government accountable. My work inside and outside of government has prepared me to lead and to work with our city’s great legal and advocacy organizations, like the ACLU and Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, to protect our people and uphold our values.

A lot of candidates will tell you they too will stand up to Trump, but the difference in my case is that as a former U.S. Attorney in President Obama’s Justice Department, I have real experience and understand how to take on Trump and win. In fact, I already have. The day the Muslim travel ban was announced I was at SeaTac airport, part of the legal team that got the first injunction preventing people from being illegally deported from our country.

For decades I have fought for civil rights, and will continue that work as mayor. Despite what Attorney General Sessions said about pulling back police reform, we are going to keep moving forward in Seattle. The work is as urgent as ever.

I also will lead the fight to ensure that immigrants and refugees are made to feel welcome here in Seattle. I support Seattle being a sanctuary city. I will continue to support the Office of Immigrants and Refugees and ensure that our city supports the Legal Defense Fund to protect immigrants and refugees unjustly at risk in the Trump Administration. This is the right thing to do.

I will oppose the proposed Obamacare replacements, which could gut Harborview’s budget and truly harm healthcare in this city. I also will work with other mayors around the country to fight President Trump’s proposed cuts to the Community Development Block Grant and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. I am prepared to stand up against the cuts in education that are being proposed by the Trump Administration and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord means cities and states must now lead on one of the most critical issues facing our planet. Seattle is at the forefront of this battle and we must continue. I am proud to have support from our key environmental leaders. I am ready to provide leadership, to bring together environmental leaders, along with our innovative businesses, to find solutions to this urgent problem.

I am the candidate running for mayor that can best and most effectively fight back against President Trump’s harmful agenda and its impacts on our families here in Seattle and around the country.

 — Jenny Durkan