Jenny Durkan Announces Support from Seattle City Employees

Jenny Durkan Announces Support from Seattle City Employees

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Seattle – (August 10) Following yesterday’s endorsement of Seattle Building & Construction Trades Council, former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan announced the sole endorsement of the Professional & Technical Employees (PTE) Local 17, which represents nearly 3,000 Seattle City employees.

“We are proud to solely endorse Jenny Durkan who has the experience to lead thousands of employees and address many of the issues facing our city and workers. Our members are standing with Jenny because she is a strong progressive focused on addressing inequality and worker’s rights,” said Behnaz Nelson, Executive Director of PTE Local 17.

“Running a growing city like Seattle, and a government of 10,000 employees, is no easy job, which is why I’m honored to have the backing of the men and women working to solve the urgent challenges our city faces. Our city government should help lead the way to ensure employees have living wages, strong protections, and benefits like paid parental leave and family care leave,” said Durkan.

In addition to the Seattle Building & Construction Trades Council and SEIU 775 the largest union local in the state, Durkan has the support of the Seattle Fire Fighters Local 27, the Heat and Frost Insulators and Firestop Containment Workers Local 7, Laborers 242, and Ironworkers Local 86.