Greg Nickels: Durkan has the Boldness and Experience to Deliver

Greg Nickels: Durkan has the Boldness and Experience to Deliver

Greg Nickels: Durkan has the Boldness and Experience to Deliver 150 150 Greg Nickels

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The following was posted on 5/26/17

Jenny Durkan has the Boldness and the Experience to Deliver on the Most Consequential Challenges Facing Seattle

By Greg Nickels

Serving as mayor of Seattle is an honor, but it is no easy job. Take it from me: It requires a combination of experience and leadership to oversee the day-to-day management of one of the nation’s largest municipal budgets and over 11,000 city employees. That’s why I’m endorsing Jenny Durkan to be Seattle’s next mayor: Jenny has the vision, experience, and leadership to make our city a better place — not only for us but for the next generation.

From affordable housing to keeping our community safe to transportation, there’s no shortage of complex, challenging issues that our next mayor must address. Jenny’s experience and background is unmatched in this race to make sure the city delivers on the issues.

At the same time, Seattle has the opportunity to lead the nation and put our progressive values into action. One of the most urgent challenges our next mayor must confront is the threat of climate change.

As Mayor of Seattle, I rallied mayors from around the country to come together and act on climate protection. We were able to join together, and our actions made a bold statement to the Bush and Obama administrations that cities were ready to lead on climate issues. Today, with a two-year old grandson, I understand just how the stakes are in this fight.

Unfortunately, our country’s commitment to the rest of the world to fight climate change is once again at risk. Mayors must again lead, and so must Seattle. I have no doubt that with Jenny Durkan as mayor, Seattle be a global leader in the fight to protect the climate for our children and grandchildren.

As U.S. Attorney, Jenny prosecuted those who illegally dumped waste into our water and defended our State’s clean air and water. She has specific policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the number of electric vehicles (that would rely on the nation’s greenest utility), and accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy through a wide range of policy initiatives and budget decisions.

Mayors remain on the front lines of climate protection and must continue to work at the local level for positive global impact. We must continue working together to unlock innovation, create new businesses and new jobs in the clean energy economy. Jenny is the candidate who I trust to deliver on her promises to address one of the most consequential challenges facing our country and world and to address the many other challenges facing the City we love.


Greg Nickels served as the 51st Mayor of the City of Seattle from January 1, 2002 through December 31, 2009 and as a member of the King County Council for 14 years (1988 – 2001).