Why Jenny

The Experienced, Proven Progressive Leader Seattle Needs Now

  • First-ever openly-gay U.S. Attorney, appointed by President Obama.
  • Led reform of the Seattle Police Department.
  • Helped secure the first federal court order barring Trump’s travel ban.
  • Tested, innovative leader for civil rights protection.
  • Fought the Republicans in court when they tried to unseat Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire.

With our City at a crossroads—from our biggest moral challenges to our most basic needs—Jenny Durkan is uniquely qualified to lead. Jenny is living proof of Seattle’s leadership role in promoting progressive values and finding innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Comparing the candidates, Seattle voters will see that Jenny is the only truly experienced progressive leader on the ballot. With her Affordable Seattle Agenda, Jenny offers bold, achievable and concrete solutions for the challenges our city faces on affordability, homelessness, transportation and more.

Jenny has worked her entire life fighting on behalf of victims and to protect civil rights, and as a U.S. Attorney, appointed by President Obama, she led the effort to reform Seattle’s Police Department. Only Jenny Durkan has the experience, expertise and the specific plans to turn her progressive values into actions that make a real difference in people’s lives — like her highly praised housing agenda and her Seattle Promise of two years of free college.

Obama Appoints Durkan As First Openly Gay U.S. Attorney

In 2009, President Barack Obama named Jenny to be U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, the first openly gay person to ever serve in this post.

Durkan Leads Reform of Police Department

As U.S. Attorney, Jenny crafted the consent decree that led to landmark reforms in the Seattle Police Department. Her leadership helped create a national model to ensure the protection of every citizen’s civil rights and better training in use of force, crisis intervention and de-escalation.

Taking the Lead In Battling Trump’s Attack On Immigrants

Earlier this year, as President Trump tried to impose a travel ban based on religious bigotry, Jenny went to Sea-Tac Airport and personally helped secure a federal judge’s order barring the deportation of immigrants.

While we vigorously stand up for the values that make our City special, we can’t ignore the daily challenges that, if neglected, can threaten our economic success and our moral leadership.

Homelessness Is Not A One-Size-Fits-All Problem

Jenny will tackle homelessness with compassion and a laser-like focus on differing causes of the problem. Mental health issues, addiction and the increasing numbers of families living in vehicles each require different approaches and solutions.

More Affordable Housing

Housing in Seattle has simply become too expensive—too many cannot afford to live here and those lucky enough to own their homes see their property taxes increasing to unaffordable levels. Jenny will continue to demand affordable units in the construction of new housing and will make sure that the money the city devotes to housing is spent wisely.

The Basics: From Transportation To Parks To Safety

From filling pot holes and clearing snow storms to caring for our parks and ensuring firefighters and police have the training and resources to do their jobs, Jenny will never let big challenges divert us from effectively delivering the basic services that make our community function.

Jenny Durkan is uniquely qualified to fight back against President Trump and defend our values while also delivering our city’s basic services and solving our own problems with innovation and hard work.